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WritersMugs is a series of block print portraits of great thinkers, authors, writers, and philosophers. Justin began creating the series in the late summer of 2003 while out of work and found a ready market for the prints. The list of authors kept growing as a library does. Now there are over 200 "Mugs" in the gallery and the series continues to grow. Images are first carved into linoleum or wood, then ink is rolled over the image. High-quality rice paper is then pressed against the image to produce the final print. There are 20 pressings (prints) made from each block, then the block is either kept, sold, or destroyed. The current ink used is an original non toxic formula, mixed at home in small quantities.

Justin Kempton lives in Venice, CA.

may you be well, may you be at peace, may you be happy, may you be liberated